Sunday, June 7, 2015

Walker is yesterday's candidate

[Updated] The country has changed. Scott Walker hasn't.

And the farther to the right Walker that he runs, the stronger he embraces extremist views, the more he's appealing to out-dated ideas, abandoned values, a narrowing base and disappearing demographics - - all supported by major reactionary donors eager to bring back a gilded age where they owned everything, including obeisant politicians..

*  Walker said Sunday that he still favors a constitutional amendment allowing states to ban same-sex marriage - - even though most states, federal courts and opinion polls support it.

* Walker wants US combat soldiers sent back to Iraq to fight ISIS; polling shows support for that position has recently fallen to 35% from 40%

Leave It to Beaver cast (L–R): Hugh BeaumontTony DowBarbara Billingsley and Jerry Mathers, circa 1959

*  Walker absolutely opposes any increase in the bottom-rung $7.25/hr. minimum wage, while most states exceed that level, and substantial majorities, even among Republicans polled, want the minimum wage increased.

*  Walker has flip-flopped away from a relatively-tolerant position on illegal immigration, while polls show a majority of Americans want illegals to be allowed to stay and enter a path to legal status.

*  Walker obstructed Obamacare, turned down available Medicaid funding, refused to created a state website for a health care exchange and wants Obamacare repealed, while a majority of Americans polled want the US Supreme Court to leave.Obamacare intact. 

*  Walker and his appointees to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission support ALEC-backed roadblocks to solar and wind energy, including higher fees on solar installations, but a majority of Americans in several polls strongly support solar and wind energy generation.

*  Americans support transit and other alternatives to road-building, but Walker turned down $800 million in Amtrak expansion spending, has reduced state aid to local transit systems, and in his current, proposed budget that will pass later this month has removed federally-funded funding for bike and pedestrian paths and lanes on state road projects.

If Walker takes in The Rolling Stones later this month at Summeriest, he might not like hearing one of the band's iconic messages:

Who wants yesterday's papers 
Nobody in the world
More about Walker's bio, record, positions, here. 


Anonymous said...

I don't understand this post. Walker is a govern by surprise kind of guy. He refers to his agenda as dropping the bomb. While he may pander to any given audience, what he says is merely what he and his handlers think will play well with that crowd. Once in office, he feels no duty to do the contradicting nonsense he ran on.

How does he get away with it? Propaganda that the media is more than happy to provide in abundance. If you thought Mitt Romney was an etch-a-sketch candidate, wait until you see Walker's campaign take off.

Please do not manufacture happy-talk news. This post misleads because you are selecting issues which Walker may or may not consistently stand for and comparing them to the nonsense polls where we are told that America is a center-right nation even though on the issues Americans actual poll very progressive, consistent with Bernie Sanders.

If we have learned anything in Wisconsin, its that propaganda works and at the very least provides adequate cover for election results that are mathematically impossible. If you don't follow that last statement, see Richard Charnin's book, Matrix of Deceit, available at Amazon. Walker leads in repug polling and there is no sign that anyone else will displace him in the near term.

If you post is claiming that Walker can't win a general election after winning the nomination, you are mistakenly assuming that elections are fair, free, open, transparent, verifiable, and are not tampered with. This is demonstatably false. George WALKER Bush did not actually win any presidential elections. Scott will not have to either.

my5cents said...

You know Walker is only following instructions from two very old men. What can you expect from a puppet candidate. He will go the direction the wind is blowing no matter what if he thinks it will gain him more power. He's going to go with what the right-wing wants, not the general public. Remember, he is the "original Tea Party in Wisconsin."

Anonymous said...

5 cents:

Good point, but please let me add, (though I am sure you know), that the Tea Party actually never existed in any real way other than an astroturf organization that enables the propaganda that props up the likes of Scott Walker. They is not nor has there ever been a massive austerity movement that wants to see the masses impoverished without support while billionaires get tax cuts and massive public subsidies. Even to this day, however, the media wants you to believe that a majority of Americans support the Koch brothers. This is just another lie your tv, radio, and newspapers are telling you.

And one purpose of this lie is to cover up implausible or impossible election outcomes.