Monday, June 8, 2015

Point well taken on positive messaging, Paul Fanlund

The Madison Capital Times editor makes an excellent point about progressives and their messaging. I definitely need to heed his common sense advice, especially given the financial and institutional advantages the right-wing enjoys in Wisconsin with its multi-leveled and coordinated PR machine so well-described in today's New York Times.

I won't wait another full year (talk about a coincidence) before writing something like this:
A Positive Program For Wisconsin


Anonymous said...

Let he self flagellations begin! Sorry, can't buy this take especially from someone that should better understand the role of the massive pro-Walker propaganda that our state is shamelessly drenched in. There is a place for many different voices and styles of communication and no one person or approach is going to do it.

How can an editor not understand the first rule of good writing: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE

It is good to think about not being snarky and edgy, but you are fool on yourself if you think the information you want to share is going to be read walkerites no matter how you say it. The problem here certainly is not as this editor, who should know better, states.

The problem is that the division created by our self-proclaimed divide and conquer governor has created large blocks of citizens that do not want to see or hear anything that challenges the propaganda from the rightwing media echo chamber led by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Perhaps one reason Cap Times is nothing but an advertising insert in a rightwing rag is because some folks don't get it over there. The tone from the right is loud and shrill. If some feel they can be effective with quiet and polite tones, power to them.

But the record clearly shows those people are not heard either and the left is getting crushed here. It isn't. Because some are not watching their Ps and Qs.


my5cents said...

I would say I must agree with Paul Fanlund. The message needs to change. What he has outlined is what people are desperate to hear. Personally all the talk about Walker and his ilk is getting sickening. It's all bad news. It's their liberty against our freedoms and they continually blur the lines on purpose. Every time they pass a new law against abortion it feels like more freedoms are being taken away even though it would not affect me personally.

Time to change the rhetoric and stand on moral ground. Let the Right Wingers catch up to that. Every time they say liberty, we will say freedom. That's why our ancestors came here, for the freedom.