Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Or, millions of travelers might want to look to Amtrak

Seriously - - how much more crap are airline passengers will to take?
Millions of fliers might want to buy new suitcases under new airline carry-on size guidelines
They've shrunk the seats, the meals, but not the fares or baggage charges and change fees, and now this?  
Airlines could soon shrink the size of luggage you’re allowed to carry on


Steve Hanson said...

Only one of the reasons I normally travel by Amtrak. Plenty of room for luggage. Plenty of room for me to sit. A place to plug in my laptop. Amtrak has its issues, most of them imposed from the outside. Still, I'll take it over flying any day.

Anonymous said...

You'll hear lots of Badger accented young people on the Amtrak regional from Boston to DC.

Your best and brightest, and we're keeping them.



James Rowen said...

But not on the train from Milwaukee to Madison. Or from Madison to anywhere.