Saturday, June 27, 2015

On #SCOTUS, what Walker meant...

While he said:
Alexander Shashko's photo.

What he means:
I like it when a majority of judges backed by the same special coordinated interests that shoveled me money will redefine the law as I see it, too.
And in alternative universe, if Diane Sykes had been a fifth vote to maintain bans on same-sex marriages, do you think that the President Walker who followed through with his earlier hint and put her on the US Supreme Court would be yammering today about unelected justices?


my5cents said...

All of the right-wingers feel the same way. If they don't get things to go their way by democratic means, then they want to gerrymander it to make sure it does. Some democracy they live in huh? They have the nerve to complain about socialism and liberalism, but they want one party rule. Why don't they see that the stricter laws are the more people will be inclined to break those laws.

Anonymous said...

Walker is a fascist who wants complete control. Dissidents will be crushed. Sympathizers must get sanctioned. Fortunes must be raided and re-distributed within the inner circle. Rations must be given. Work choices eliminated. Rights abolished. Democracy has no place here.