Saturday, June 6, 2015

More Bradley Foundation influence in Walker campaign

[Updated] You may not not know that Washington Post Writers Group columnist George Will is on the Bradley Foundation Board of Directors - -  and that Bradley Foundation President and Chief Executive Michael Grebe chaired Walker's last two gubernatorial campaigns and Walker's 2010 transition team, too - -  but now add to those connections the disclosure that Will's wife is working on the Walker campaign, too.

George Will is a past recipient of the Bradley Foundation's annual $250,000 prize and hosted the prize award event in Washington, DC last year, the Foundation reported.

You add all this Bradley Foundation influence to the Koch brothers checkbook, and you've got yourself a right-wing money and media machine without peer.
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As commentator Paul G. Hayes said the other day, "watch out."

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Anonymous said...

I am so sick of hearing some say that Walker is too stupid to be elected president. If we had free, fair, open, and transparent elections, one would hope the public is informed enough to elect a President that has a track record of success that can be objectively demonstrated.

Walker is a media creation. WTMJ-AM and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel have led an echo-chamber of propaganda and this is why we have a divide and conquer Governor. A strong media machine can put him in the White House. His ignorance and blunders make him the perfect tool. Just like George WALKER Bush, people focus on his personality and character defects instead of the people behind him and their radical extreme right-wing agenda.

I have been telling people since 2011. Scott Walker will be a major player in 2016 and not likely as VP. The media propaganda machine has too much invested in him to put him on the ticket as VP. His is not capable of being a President behind the scenes like George H. W. Bush (Reagan) or Dick Cheney. It was also obvious that Paul Ryan was being groomed for bigger things. He is not and never was a "policy wonk" and "numbers guy" like the media echo-chamber proclaimed. Like Walker, he is a sociopathic liar. Expect bigger things from Walker, though, than from Ryan. Walker has been anointed the next president, by hook or crook.

Remember, George WALKER Bush did not win either 2000 or 2004 races. Expect the same slight-of-hand for Walker.