Thursday, June 4, 2015

Maybe Spooner, WI should direct its prayers to Walker

How are all Walker 'reforms' (read: cuts, micro-managing and teacher-bashing) to education going? He's often propagandizing about it, and, interestingly enough, often touts the power of prayer.

So maybe the good folks in Spooner, Wisconsin are on the right track as they publicly pray for their budget-damaged high school:

Approximately 75 community members gathered to pray outside Spooner High School before school started for the day on Wednesday, June 3, to "bring healing" to the school district and to bring people together.
Several people prayed, asking for healing, wisdom, strength, protection, blessings to the leaders, "softening all of our hearts," love, discernment, and help in speaking out when wrongdoing occurs. 
They also prayed for the more than 40 staff who have resigned, retired, or been non-renewed this school year. The district has been experiencing an upheaval amid budget cutting due to a $1 million deficit, changes in administration and policies, policy enforcement, changes in the law that the affect the district, and alleged bullying and harassment of staff.  
That's a lot of vacancies: I count 49 non-administrative staff - - teachers, aides, builds and sounds personnel - - on the school's website.

Ironic that the area Chamber of Commerce says Spooner, in Washburn County, is "just north of the tension zone."

Apparently not when it comes to public education in 2015.

More irony: Walker carried the county in 2014 against Mary Burke by 13 percentage points - - 56-43 - -  so the area is right in his conservative, northern Wisconsin wheelhouse.

More about upheaval at the school, here.


Anonymous said...

Scott Walker just smirks and contends that Act 10 has been great for education. Apparently it has been so great that he thinks voucher schools should replace public schools state wide. He touts that ACT scores are 2nd in the nation..................they've always been in the top 3. He says graduation rates are strong. They've always been near the top in the nation. Now he wants to do for the U W system [Act 10 for higher education]what he has done for public education......starve it to death and replace it with private education! This clown devastates everything he touches.....schools, economy and environment.

Sue said...

Not much information in the article.
Did voters elect a bunch of vindictive True Believers to the school board?
Has there been a referendum giving voters the choice/chance to fund an adequate school system? If not why not? If so what happened?
In other words, how many of the people praying in front of the school have already gotten what they asked for?

Anonymous said...

There shouldn't have to be referendums for money to run our schools. That's one of the reasons we pay taxes!

Roger DJ said...

Well here is at least 2 people who have no understanding or first hand knowledge of the conflict in Spooner Wi.