Sunday, February 15, 2015

Walker's constant shade of grey

As I've noted, Scott Walker generally keeps it bland and low-key - - grey, "midwestern nice," as he self-effacingly aw-schucked it the other day - - and benefits from foils on the campaign trail who help keep his deep red extremism camouflaged.

*  Foil #1: New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie, the combative blowhard who tells people he doesn't like to "sit down and shut up."

Without Christie's bombast - - but achieving even greater intimidating control - -Walker pushes people around and shuts them up by requiring the acquisition of mandatory voting ID, ending evening and weekend voting hours, barring them from the State Capitol, taking their money from public schools, cutting Senior care prescription care and Medicaid funding, and using the opaque state budgeting to cut people them out of crucial, public input stages of natural resource policy-making, iron mining authorization, new highway planning and spending, logging, wolf hunting (even with dogs), and state building construction, to mention but a few.

*  Foil #2:  Former Arkansas GOP Gov. Mike Huckabee, the super-conservative moralist who has decided to self-servedly kick around the creative, high-profile African-American  couple Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Walker can send a far-right, socially-conservative message to core Tea Party activists by picking on a less visible, weaker target - - food stamp and other public aid recipients Walker intends to drug test and otherwise stress through multiple program cuts because he says they are lazing around on the sofa playing xBox.

And while Huckabee is still noisily at war over same-sex marriage, Walker has reduced his exposure on the issue, alternately saying it's not an issue in Wisconsin anymore while sending outgoing Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen out front to waste the last, losing dollop of state funds on a fruitless US Supreme Court appeal.

*  Foil's #3 and #4, the Iowa caucus sideshow of Palin & Trump. Each walking/talking infomercials for their vanity/reality television shows. Reince Priebus may claim he wants the clown car towed to the scrap yard, but both need them chattering away on TV and Iowa caucus stages to show voters that midwestern grey is better.

And don't miss his tapes.

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