Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Walker to delete "public for truth" from UW mission statement

If the rest of Walker's punitive, scorched-earth budget didn't floor you, this will:
Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget calls for essentially removing the public service language from the University of Wisconsin System's mission to focus more on workforce development, according to language released Wednesday morning.
The Wisconsin Idea has long been the core philosophy of the UW System, driving campuses to extend their reach into communities and "every family in the state."


mrs.e said...

This is...insane.

JoAnn said...

Total abuse of power.

Betsy said...

Can he do this? Are governors allowed to just change a mission statement to align with their political goals? For those who think mission statements are meaningless wait until he uses the 'new and improved statement' to make more drastic changes to the UW. Can he be impeached for arrogance?