Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Walker takes false speaking habits to England

Updated: And note how close Walker to answering answering the fifth question I posed yesterday about how he would handle himself there.] Walker tells British reporters he won't take questions or give interviews because his visit is not a photo op.

Really? No political purpose to the photo below?

His Twitter account gives the lie to that.
Paid our respects at burial site of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Notice how simple the site is.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that visiting Maggie's grave will result in many British companies relocating to Wisconsin, thus many jobs created! The only thing this visit to England will do is enable our liar-in-chief to say on the campaign trail that he has been to a foreign country

Anonymous said...

His puppet masters didn't pull his strings fast enough as Christie and Jindal have already been to London to get their foreign policy credentials. Walker won't talk to the press because his handlers don't want him to step on his tongue and speak nonsense. Give me a break a visit to London gives one foreign policy credentials.

Joe R said...

Question: Who, exactly, are Scott Walker's handlers?

Betsey said...

. . . or just taking a trip to one of the coolest cities on earth . . on the taxpayer dime- AGAIN??

Sue said...

We've gotten a little taste of what happens when Scott Walker faces a media figure who is not Charlie Sykes. If he wants to run, he cannot continue to hide. Two things we who are not fanboyz and -grrlz must have in abundance: patience and eventually popcorn.