Monday, February 9, 2015

Key questions about Walker's junket to England

In our continuing pursuit of a full Scott Walker picture, we ask also these ten timely questions:

*  How soon do Becky and Joel measure the Governor's Mansion for new drapes and a bigger freezer for Joel's stocks of wild boar meat and bear stew?

*  Can Walker make it through five days in London without taking a train?

*  Did he have to declare the cartons of his 'autobiography' he took along as thank-you gifts excess baggage?

*  Does he understand that while there, "look to the right" has no political import?

*  How long will it take him to work in a glowing self-reference to Margaret Thatcher's best friend Ronald Reagan?

*  Since the Brits really respect the language they bequeathed to us, can he remember not to say "Democrat Party," and "I and Tonette."

*  Will he tell media in a country with national health insurance that he turned down national health insurance funding for 38,000 of his state's poorest citizens and is proposing ending prescription insurance coverage for about the same number of low-income senior citizens?

*  Has he been told to enjoy the ubiquitous British ham sandwich, but not with enough enthusiasm to irk Iowa's pork producers?

*  Given his reliance on cue cards, will he be openly distracted by the many signs saying "Queue Here."

*  Did he have to declare the PR machinery he took along as excess baggage?

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Anonymous said...

Here's another: who is paying for his security detail? Thanks.