Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Host of Walker speech today awarded Hillary Clinton its 2013 Prize

You may remember a few weeks ago that probable, preposterous GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker attacked Hillary Clinton - - the probable Democratic presidential nominee - - with what Politico called a "fierce broadside" alleging she was too much of Washington, DC.

The DC location came with the territory associated with Ms. Clinton's national service as Watergate lawyer, First Lady, US Senator, and finally, as US Secretary of State - - a position which made Ms. Clinton an even higher-profile voice for women worldwide.

Walker has also suggested she may be too old to be President.

I'll bet neither Walker nor his speech writers nor British media have read page 10 of most recent annual report (pdf format) posted online by Chatham House, the establishment British think tank before which Walker today will read his speech writers' work that he really, really hopes might elevate him some day to Hillary Clinton's stature.

Page 10 notes that among Chatham House's 2013 achievements was its awarding to Hillary Clinton its 2013 annual prize. The award citer\s her "significant and impressive contribution" as former US Secretary of State to international diplomacy, and for her work on behalf of gender equality and opportunities for women and girls.

The prize notice appears free of drafting errors.

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Anonymous said...

I'm willing to bet our "dumb and dumber" governor has not surrounded himself with any one smart enough to know about the award and Scotty will step in a pile of his own making and be seen trying to scape it off on a London street. He'll blame it on a dog seen running near by!