Monday, February 2, 2015

Christie inoculates himself against science, sanity; more ideas...

Yes, vaccinating your kids against catching and spreading potentially-fatal diseases as signaled to anti-government science deniers by a freshly-pandering Chris Christie definitely needs to be balanced against parents' rights to liberty as guaranteed by the 418th Amendment to the Constitution.

Also on Christie's pre-Iowa caucus Parental Freedom and Easy Measles agenda:

*  Being understanding of parents who encourage their toddlers to swallow button batteries and laundry detergent pods. Never too soon to help three-year-olds kids learn to navigate 'merica.

*  Helping parents teach kids that there could be times when taking candy and rides from strangers will save bus fare on the way home from school. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

*  Encouraging parents to tell their sons that "no means no" without getting all strict and preachy about it.

*  Reminding parents to remind their kids that smoking can grow tumors in your lungs and brain and kill you in a long and painful decline, but remember, you're not a scientist. And if you are, don't get all strict and Ph.D preachy about it.

*  'Instructing kids that 'Guns don't kill people, people kill people' is a good thing to tell your youngsters, but it should always be balanced with 'and watch out for safes falling out of buildings, and Yeti's gone wild.'

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