Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The rats are swimming from the Sinking Ship Trump. Well, not everyone.

Scott Walker just punched his ticket for a seat on the slow train to the Dullards & Defeated Politicians' Boneyard: 
Departing Gov. Scott Walker told supporters Tuesday he would be giving speeches, emphasizing tax cuts and working to re-elect President Donald Trump after Walker leaves office next week.
Yes, his choice is throw his abundance of insincerity, superficiality and winking meanness into foisting on the American people and the rest of humanity a child-snatching, woman-grabbing, dictator-loving, minority-baiting Presidential disgrace whose documented dishonesty Walker can use as a template for improvement, even duplication.

And include in the always growing Walker 'false' speaking record is the idea that he'll be out there '"working to re-elect Donald Trump" Walker will also be building up for his own next campaign I.O.U's fromTrump, Pence and all the other GOP candidates he'll praise with shopworn, boilerplate praise, talking points and rote, inauthentic testimonials.

Remember, for Walker, Rule #1 is "Always Be For Walker."

And yes, there's his thoroughly self-parodying definition of "the dignity of hard work!" he announced on Twitter a few hours after he attacked a landslide-winning public servant who was committing to a presidential run of her own that is going to last a lot longer through her hard work than the 71-day, million-dollar-punting fiasco which Walker quit.

And now he's announcing speechifying and being the MAGA hat warm up act as a job?

My, God: this guy isn't even playing chess, let alone, checkers one move ahead.
For the record, I'd said after the November election which cost Walker his job, and when his henchmen were plotting lame-duck thievery:
The ultimate fix to this embrace of legislative trickery is for Evers, through a veto, to force the Republicans' next gerrymander into Federal court, where perhaps an honest re-districting in the name of fair elections will send Fitzgerald and Vos finally into retirement.
Where they can freely accept comped seats at Walker's rubber-chicken lecture series 'How we screwed Wisconsin taxpayers and unions for fun and profit.'
And a few days later:
You know, I'd intended to retire the photograph below of Walker once he left the Governor's mansion for appearances, perhaps with fellow has-been David Clarke, on the big-check-and-rubber-chicken circuit, but I'll hold on to it for the 2020 State Supreme Court race should Walker's hand-picked candidate - - apparently unsatisfied with already having received one Walker favor to get appointed to the State Supreme Court - - try and remain there for a full ten-year term through a power grab enabled by Walker's trusty lieutenants and one last hand-drawn "SKW."
And this choice of 'work' was one I also predict for this Walker pal and fellow-bootlicker-to-the-rich:
It's fitting that Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, two of the biggest self-promoting phonies ever produced by the Wisconsin Republican Party, are exiting stage right at the same time...

I believe Ryan will get a six-figure pension, Walker about $57,000, along with post-retirement speaking fees and board positions at organizations which propped up their campaigns and egos will the more immediate providers of golden hammocks.
As you remember, the maneuver on behalf of the Walker favored Supreme Court nominee was a Scottholed political-bridge-too-far even for a generally amoral GOP Legislature, but now I guess I'll have to hold on to the photo because Walker is swimming upstream against a congested tide of rats abandoning Donald Trump to climb on board his ship.

Because that's where money still is.

Think he'll tell the various friends of the Kochs and Sheldon Adelson and a garden variety of Tea Party romantics who will drive to the low-rent hotel conference centers out on the beltways and hear Walker tell tales of teacher bashing in Wisconsin that he lost to one of those teachers by 30,000 votes? 

And, by the way, don't forget the guy on your next annual GOP bean feed program was just dumping on the Green Bay Packers team he'd long pretended to support with a video of a toilet flushing.
Living, and posting the dream.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Yep. Absolutely pathetic, but fitting of a soulless fool with no skills beyond grifting.

kathy michael said...

Unlikely that he will draw a 6 figure pension from WI. I don't believe he can collect the pension until he is at least 55 yo and will be based on his years of service and final salary in the WRS system.

James Rowen said...

@kathy michael. I apologize for my over-exuberant calculation. I will correct the text. As I understand it, Walker gets 1.6 years of service credit for every year in state and county service back to his 1st legislative win beginning in June, 1993, or about 24.5 years total. That 24.6 or so becomes the percentage - - 39.2 - - multiplied against his best salary of $144.432, or about $56,000+ annually. I do know that at certain times, the multiple had been higher, perhaps 2.0, and I do not know if 1.6 is applied retroactively, or if credits at a higher multipler were 'banked.' I also assume Walker goes off the state payroll Jan. 7, but who knows if he has unused vacation time, for example, also allowing him to remain on the payroll, or sick days, too that can be taken as a cash payout. I do not know. Experts, pls. weigh in.