Thursday, January 31, 2019

Foxconn to scrap WI manufacturing; does it still need duty-free status?

If there isn't going to be a Foxconn manufacturing facility in SE WI that builds and ships TVs like these

then what's the point?
The Foreign Trade Zone Board notified AFE Inc. in late March that its application had been approved. AFE is the subsidiary responsible for the assembly televisions and displays in Wisconsin, according to state records. The company, through the Port of Milwaukee, sought approval for the designation in December. 
The FTZ designation exempts Foxconn from customs duty payments on components used in products that are eventually exported.

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Anonymous said...

Can we call it FauxCONned?

Because Governor Butthead could never have been elected without the Right Wing Faux News lie and RWNJ noise machines telling everyone he walked on the (dirty) water!

Apologies to the Standells in advance!

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Well I love that dirty water
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