Thursday, January 3, 2019

TV forecasters & GOP pols alike ignore changing climate

They joke and 'blame' the station meteorologist for all the rain - -

but, like Walker, ignore climate change, published science (2009 and earlier, and even earlier: Bill McKibben, etc. et al.) and what's been noted right here using UW-Madison-linked tools.


MONDAY, JULY 9, 2012

Ominous Forecast: Madison, WI Becomes New Wichita, KS

In light of the record heat gripping Wisconsin and much of the nation - - and with a number of counties suffering repeated alerts about unhealthy, ozone-polluted air...
I'd noted a few weeks ago that the DNR had deleted most of the content from its primary web page about climate change, (way too much info about the Doyle administration's initiatives), and left there only one paragraph and link to a joint DNR - - UW-Madison collaboration, the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts...
The collaborative site also has a new interactive climate predictive tool that can show you what kind of climate your Wisconsin city could have by 2046.

For Milwaukee, the average of all the scientific models predicts a climate like West Virginia's.

Madison's climate change models predict climates that range from North Central Virginia to South Central Kansas.

Wichita, Kansas, Hello! We're talking 683 miles to the southwest.

And is a lot hotter, windier and drier than Madison's climate.

The linked site also offers a short audio and slide presentation that lays out Wisconsin climate change effects already underway - - temperatures that are already up a degree statewide (with measurable impacts), rainfall that arrives more often as two-inch storms, less snowfall - - and predictions of much greater annual temperature increases of 4-9 degrees.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- And so as not to be picking on TMJ4, I'd also tweeted a question on Jan 1. to a Fox6 meteorologist Tom Wachs after he posted this:

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Anonymous said...

I was just reading how quickly climate can change. Things can change radically, permanently, within 10 years. We will be having a much different conversation about climate and survival of our species very soon.