Friday, January 18, 2019

Vos, GOP's crushing week in Fed. Ct. just got bigger

WI GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos' week of wearing the US Constitution's dunce cap
Not actually Vos
just got more longer and more expensive.

Though not for him personally, I expect, since his legal sins are allegedly committed in the public interest.

Fresh off being told by the chief judge in the US Western District District that barriers to voting in Vos' lame-duck power grab bills were unconstitutional, Vos and two others learned today that a blockade they'd installed on their official Twitter accounts was another violation of constitutional protections:
A federal judge ruled Friday that three Wisconsin Republicans violated the First Amendment rights of a liberal group by blocking it on Twitter.... 
One Wisconsin Now — an advocacy group that frequently tweaks Republicans online — in 2017 sued Assembly Speaker Robin Vos of Rochester, Rep. John Nygren of Marinette and then-Rep. Jesse Kremer of Kewauskum for blocking it on Twitter. 
As you know, Vos' power-grab legislation transferred some duties of the Attorney General to the legislature, and he just commandeered $300,000 to add partisan staffers and reward his own Chief of Staff a $20,000 raise.

And also expects taxpayers to allow him to hire more private attorneys to, no doubt, lose more cases brought against his incompetent leadership.

Given the pounding he's already taken in the courts, look for that blank check to contain the zeroes highlighting the goose-eggs he's put up in court this week alone.

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