Monday, January 21, 2019

Youth prison visited by Evers worsened by Walker decisions, neglect

This Journal Sentinel report about Gov. Evers visiting a prison Walker refused to tour could have more fully explained Walker's culpability for an inhumane situation he definitely set in motion and fueled:

That Walker budgetary moved youth offenders up North/out-of-sight/out-of-mind from a newly-remodeled institution in SE Wisconsin and then took no remedial actions after a judge warned him by letter in 2012 that the more distant facility to which Walker had youth offenders relocated was a hell-hole.

Just for the record, from January, 4 2018:
Walker moves 6 years late on Lincoln Hills humanitarian crisis
Before you get to the heart of the story, remember that Walker was told in 2012 by a Racine County judge that youth were being mistreated at the facility known as Lincoln Hills up north to which Walker's brain trust had decided urban offenders should be sent from SE Wisconsin.

noted in 2011 that his closing of the boys' facility long-located in Waukesha County to save a few bucks - - the right treats government consolidations as chess board games while human beings and true public policies are risked and dismissed- - was a mistake: 
Good-bye Ethan Allen School for Boys, a juvenile justice facility at Wales, as I reported earlier.
The workers are stunned. The plan is bad for them, the kids sent there and the community...Walker gave no real warning.
In fact, Walker closed the Ethan Allen School even though the state had just spent millions on improvements there.

But Walker liked moving jobs to the north, and upending a Jim Doyle initiative to boot, regardless of the consequences, which included mass inmate gassings, as WKOW-TV reported in December, 2015 without any reaction, apparently, by Team Walker.

Then roll forward to this report of mine a year ago:
On Walker's watch, Lincoln Hills is a humanitarian crisis
Victimized guard says Walker shares blame for her beating...
Now there is reporting of the details surrounding a suicide attempt at the female unit at the youth prison that has left a teenage-girl in this state facility with permanent injury... 
Do you remember this disgusting story about conditions in the state's youth prison which we the taxpayers pay for?
Lincoln Hills youth had toes amputated after run-in with staff
The allegations have been horrendous and are getting worse:
...teenagers sentenced to serve time at the state’s youth prison in Irma face being taken to a cell no larger than about the size of a gas station bathroom, outfitted with a single metal bed and metal toilet. There’s one window in the cell’s door, as wide as the inmate’s face, that looks across a hallway into another cell... 
Why should it take a federal lawsuit to bring this nightmare more fully to public attention, and to the authorities to bring the nightmare to a close?

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