Friday, January 11, 2019

Vos hands out whopping raise, adds staff, yet alleges Dems' partisanship

The fleecing of Wisconsin taxpayers for partisan advantage is on full display by Republican officials whose arrogance is exceeded only by their unapologetic greed.

Know anyone who just got a 20% pay raise to more than $120,000 annually on the public's dime? At the direction of a purportedly small government, fiscally-conservative Republican boss?

Try WI GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos's chief of staff:

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos of Rochester has hired three former Walker officials to his staff and Rep. John Nygren of Marinette has taken on Walker’s former budget director. 
Those new positions are adding more than $300,000 to the Assembly payroll, records show. In addition, Vos has given his chief of staff a 20 percent pay boost, bringing her salary to more than $120,000 a year.
Yes, this is the same Robin Vos who pushed through the GOP's highly-partisan lame-duck session rollback of official executive and legal powers to kneecap incoming Democratic elected officials

and who only yesterday criticized Evers and Kaul for their alleged partisanship, detailed here.

Vos is claiming he has the right to spend taxpayers this way because, on paper, he save budgeted money elsewhere and has the power to decide where to spend the savings.

Of course, the savings could have been returned to the state treasury to be allocated to an essential public service, a rainy day fund or as tax relief to taxpayers, but Vos' #1 priority is laying the foundation for a Republican re-occupation of the Governor's office in 2020 through his own candidacy.

So, Bucky, consider yourself used, abused and fleeced.

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