Saturday, January 12, 2019

When does Trump decide he's had his fill of the WI spokesman?

Is there a Tums product for eye burn? And so soon after posting a gif of a toilet flushing.
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Chris said...

Most of Scott Walker's pics are unappealing, and juvenile. I think he's trying to be 'cool', but he will never be cool, no matter how hard he tries. It's hard to imagine Trump sticking with such a loser.

Anonymous said...

He's just trolling everyone who was grossed out by his twitter feed.

Minnesconsin Tom said...

Dear Private Citizen Walker:

Has it occurred to you, based on the number of “likes” this stomach-turning photo has gotten, that in a state with a population of almost 6 million, only 55 of them care that you finished your dinner?

I used to think that these were stock photos or that you had a minion take them in a clumsy attempt to connect with voters. Now I am coming to the conclusion that you really are taking these photos...which is much more disturbing. I know you are 51 years old chronologically, but how old are you mentally and emotionally that you are genuinely proud that you made your din-din all gone?

I used to be angry at posts like this, but now that you are unemployed and trying to pretend you enjoy living in the Sodom and Gemorrah of Wisconsin called Milwaukee, I find these posts humorous, in a sad sort of way.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

The neediness is pathetic, but fitting of a grifter who has never held a real job.

Combine that with the latest Trump-Russia stories, and you wonder if Walker is thinking he's going down with Trump if Donald is gone after 2020.

Peter Felknor said...

I could never stand Scott Walker. But I'm almost starting to feel sorry for him. Stop me.