Sunday, January 20, 2019

Foxconn logic: reduced initial hires and footprint - - but +$150 m. in local, sprawl costs

While Foxconn slows its hiring and recruitment, and has already publicly said its Racine County projects initial phase will shrink, local taxpayers are already being dunned another $!50 million for the sprawl inflicted on them.
Perfectly good Mount Pleasant farmland in the bulldozers' sights, 2017
You can't make this stuff up, though apparently Team Walker did:
 In the summer of 2017, Racine County and Mount Pleasant officials estimated it would cost them $763 million to execute the Foxconn Technology Group development. The new estimate is about $912 million, according to numbers provided by the village and county.


Anonymous said...

This is the typical scam on these large projects. Low-ball the initial numbers and then repeatedly "revise" them once the project gets initial approval to go ahead. Notice how the "revisions" don't take place until there is nothing that can be done except to pay them. Reminds me of Miller Park. Always watch out for the "weasel words" with these folks.

Rick Pary said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder how optimistic Mount Pleasant alders are feeling today? Not that I revel in others pain but when you listen to DeGroot he sounds like such a naive child.