Thursday, January 10, 2019

When Trump decides Walker is expendable, well...ask Reince

I can't tell if Walker's new oath of allegiance and suck-up to a Nixonian incumbent President is a merely what happens when a Junior Authoritarian wants proximity to the Real Deal to see how a Self-Proclaimed Strongman makes it all happen.

You know: the child snatchings and the White House tantrums, the buddying-up with Big Russians and throwing away an entire Kurdish allied army after one phone call from its sworn enemy, and so forth.

It can't be that Walker really thinks Trump can repeat his fluky 2016 Wisconsin win, and that having been beaten in 2018, Walker has deluded himself into believing that he's the one who can bring Trump across the finish line first in 2020.

He's to be Trump's savior? Whom Trump manhandled in the 2015-16 presidential campaign, then turned off thousands of moderate voters statewide which helped deliver Walker's Governorship to Tony Evers.

Sounds like a case of Politicians' Stockholm Syndrome, which has recent precedence, as Ted Cruz has embraced Trump and his isms despite Trump's mocking of Cruz's wife's appearance.

Or maybe Walker is on a post-election defeat neediness bender, or perhaps he believes himself clever enough to use the Trump campaign as yet another personal showcase for advancement and validation - - for free, maybe even for pay! - - without Trump figuring out that Walker, again, is in it for himself.

Con Trump? B.S a major league bullshi**ter? That's a suicide mission, son. Trump's got 20 years of gamesmanship on Walker.

Trump even had a personal fixer. Walker had toadies who couldn't even fix things so a secret Internet router stayed secret. 

Walker may be forgetting that he's not the only one who can drop a bomb on people when they don't know it's [their] moment or time.

Walker might ask his pal Reince Priebus how it went down when Trump decided Priebus was light enough to expend.

It wasn't pretty.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus at CPAC 2017 February 23rd 2017 by Michael Vadon 21.jpg
The last Wisconsin pol who said he was just there to help had to hitch a ride home from the Andrews field tarmac after Trump had had his fill.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

How do we know the Trump campaign actually hired Walker? Scotty saying something to pump himself up doesn't make it true.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the WI GOP has hired him as a consultant for the 2020 campaign. Even if they just paid his expenses it be a good amount for him. And he can keep flying around the state meeting donors in warehouses. Diane Hendricks is still a fan so maybe they think he can grease the skids and get her to contribute more.

Boxer said...

Maybe Walker's just Diane Hendriks' yard man . . . and the statewide Trump job is just a cover.