Friday, January 11, 2019

Grothman shows again we provide worst of the GOP worst

We showed on election day that decency and respect are alive and well in Wisconsin. 

That said, we must apologize for this growing list of Badgerland embarrassments which could shrink if fair districting can return to our still-gerrymandered, rightest-influenced: 

Paul Ryan, the "worst" US House Speaker in history, Scott Walker, the thuggish Donald Trump's new best friend, Robin Vos, a toweringly hypocritical and authoritarian WI GOP Assembly Speaker who undermines elections - - and this latest humiliation:
Glenn Grothman is one of seven House members to vote against back pay for federal workers
Glenn Grothman official congressional photo.jpg 

How about no pay for House members demonstrably ignorantcruel and idiotic?

We give this do nothing jack wagon $174,000 a year, plus all sorts of perks like free roundtrip airfares back home and other goodies - - google Congressional parking at Reagan airport, or House gym, or Congressional Stationery Store - - so if he thinks the federal government spends too much money he can return all the dough he takes home at $14,500 a month and break out of his expensive hypocrisy.

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Joe R said...

I see that Grothman's district has 4,009 Federal employees. I wonder how many of them voted for Goofy Glenn.