Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Evers, Walker signed very different Day One orders

Let 1,000 contrasts bloom.

Evers' 1st order directs state agencies to develop modern, anti-discriminatory policies and workplace rules:
Evers' first executive order as governor requires state agencies to develop policies banning discrimination against their employees and the people they serve on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. 
Underscoring Wisconsin's traditions of fair play and inclusion.  
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Walker's 1st order exempted certain wetlands from development protections, as I noted at the time:
Take a look at Item #6 of Walker's Special Session directive to the Legislature in Executive Order #1, as it will impact 1.6 million acres protected of non-federal wetlands, or 30% of the wetlands in Wisconsin.
Which undermined Wisconsin's science-based conservation traditions, and kicked off an eight-year against wetlands, clean water, fresh air, open space and the public interest, catalogued here.

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Anonymous said...

Can Evers reverse all of Walker's Executive Orders? At least those that haven't been turned into state law? I know it's a huge task just to ferret out all the damage but that might be a place to start.