Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Harley sales fall. Big win for Trump.

Trump even called for a consumer boycott, yet apparently will also have Scott Walker as Team Trump's Wisconsin re-election chair.

So when you read today that Harley-Davidson's sales are dropping, don't forget who had made it his business to poke a stick in the company's spokes or sat by and watched:


Supine Scott Walker enables Trump's WI-trashing rage

Behaving less like a President and more like the score-settling investor loser in a proxy fight, Trump further gaslights his attack on Milwaukee's iconic Harley-Davidson:
Trump now says administration will boost competitors
Riders from Pennsylvania roll away from a stop at the Harley Davidson Museum in downtown Milwaukee. The corporate headquarters and engine works are a few miles away.
Is there a Russian motorcycle company Putin wants to kick start in the US market?

We used to ask what Putin has on Trump. Now I wonder what Trump has on Walker? Or is this as simple as lead sled dog relating to the dog at the back?

Also raised, this question:

Why does Trump keep undermining a state which tilted the election his way by hammering its signature diary, lumber, cranberry, grain, ginseng, biker, beer, and other mainstay employers - - not to mention bashing new Kenosha-area  arrival Amazon  - - and why is WI GOP Gov. Scott Walker so fawningly prostrate at Trump's feet?

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