Thursday, January 24, 2019

It appears that Vos is writing Walker's material. Sad.

Kids used to play "red rover, red rover." 

Now Wisconsin Republicans have their own new game: 

"Red menace, red menace!"

Robin Vos sounded the alarm Monday night on statewide TV.
We won’t let government grow out of control and we won’t let socialism to take root in our state.
Though he had just finished extolling a lot of government spending and intervention in the marketplace:
In northeastern Wisconsin, Marinette Marine is expanding and building the future of our nation’s naval fleet. Outside Lambeau Field, the Titletown development is taking shape and attracting visitors, even, in the off-season. In Milwaukee, the Fiserv Forum is having an amazing inaugural season especially with the Milwaukee Bucks having the best record in the NBA. Throughout Wisconsin, many farmers had their first growing season of HEMP in more than 70 years.
Vos pledged to protect WI from pre-existing socialism. Whew!
Surely he just forgot about the $4.5 billion in public subsidies headed for Foxconn, in his own district.

Now defeated Gov. Scott Walker is sounding the alarm on Twitter, with two emojis!
 4 hours ago4 hours agoMoreSocialism gone bad in Venezuela 🇻🇪. We do NOT want that in America 🇺🇸!
So Vos is writing Walker's material now. What a turn around.

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Anonymous said...

How does he explain that all that property doesn't translate into better roads?