Thursday, January 3, 2019

Vos awakens from long slumber on rural ag water pollution

After eight years of GOP control that let Big Ag donors and trade groups oversee and promote itself while enabling dirty rural drinking water - - 

- - the incumbent GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos takes bold action issues a news release that promises a task force.

Wake me up when something real happen - - real in Vos's case being like the time that he snapped to intention when the Wisconsin's corporate ag water hogs hand-delivered to legislators their marching orders so they could have 'certainty' over the very waters they wanted to control in and out of their operations regardless of downstream or nearby impacts.

Orders which Vos quickly passed on to an equally-compliant GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel, again in service to big dairies and other corporate clients.

Let's see who's appointed while Vos is busy again pre-empting the incoming Governor.

What the states needs is an omnibus water quality bill that offers state funding assistance so urban and rural jurisdictions can provide healthy clean drinking water statewide.

It would be also be jobs-producer, boosting water testing services, plumbing,  excavation and related infrastructure repairs, would boost the quality of life for residents and businesses alike and send an appealing message about where the state is headed and why people should remain and relocate here.

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