Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Someone needs to tell him no one gives a sh*t

Walker, on Twitter, weighing in on Sen. Warren's presidential announcement.
Just what America needs...an out-of-touch liberal law professor who thinks government is the answer to our problems. True freedom and prosperity don’t come from the clumsy hand of government, they come from the dignity of hard work!
You know, the guy on Sunday was posting a video of a toilet flushing.


Anonymous said...

While I understand why you blog this, a new story at jsonline demonstrates these setiments, which I agree with, are not literally true:

Scott Walker to give speeches, help re-elect Trump


And while this article appears to be a relatively neutral informational report, what we will see in the coming months are frequent fact-free reports in the media about Scott Walker and his "Big and Bold"(tm) agenda.

I can only hope that no one makes the same mistake so many made in 2016 - ignore the threat of Trump and Walker regimes at your own peril. Here are my take-a ways from this elections report:

1. Scott Walker, with the help of powerful interests, is certainly not done on the political stage in Wisconsin or nationally.

2. This plays into the ongoing dishonest in-state media's plan to delegitimize Tony Evers and blame him for all of Walker & GOP's failures.

3. Wamker is positioning himself to be the heir to TRump's thrown when he leaves office. If under scandal, Walker is signalling obstruction and pardons are on the way.

4. It is probable that Walker has some criminal exposure as at the very least, he was receiving dirty Russian money from the NRA. It may be that even more of the dark money everyone assumed was Koch funds was actually more dirty money from Putin's criminal regime.

Anonymous said...

I too was fooled by the headline on your blog post.

I was sure I'd read a critique of Scott Wanker's latest dipshittery as covered by his butt boys at the Scott Wanker loving Urinal Sentinal.

Guess the joke is on me.

Anonymous said...

To me it looks like he can't get a job so signed on with an agent to speak at conservative fund-raisers. I am sure he will attempt to run for office again at some point but I wonder if FoxConn and Kimberly Clark won't be a huge stone around his neck. Time will tell and I agree, we should be vigilant.

Anonymous said...

Report as jsonline today may be premature or even misleading - no should be surprised if that's the case. Raw Story has just posted a very different take on what Walker will do this next year:

Outgoing Governor Scott Walker begs supporters for job hosting ‘meetings, conferences and other events’


Someone has this story very wrong - is it Walker, MJS, or Raw Story? Regardless of what anyone thinks of jsonline' biases (or lack there-of) it is objectively true that their report is lacking factual context which slants their story to make is sound like Walker is going to continue to be an all-powerful leader.

Raw Story, on the other hand, is covering this as the apathetic stunt it is - that Walker is fighting desperately to remain relevant. My bet is that Raw Story has it right and this is another MJS shameless pro-Walker piece.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

DING! DING! DING! That tweet is an audition for the Wingnut Welfare circuit, and to be a "featured speaker" at conferences hosted by RW corporations.

The next real job this grifter has will be his first

James Rowen said...

To Annoy 5:01 p.m. No. The Raw story post simply has a snarky headline. Your comment is a transparently misleading and one-note, misguided hit on the MJS. Best to peddle our biases elsewhere. I am tiring of it.

Anonymous said...

The Raw Story headline is more accurate than MJS and.others clearly see and have commented on this. So who has the bias?

James Rowen said...

Oh, so now it’s the headline. Raw Story can put up a snarky headline, but its content is not significantly different than what the MJS posted. Change your broken record.