Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Vos hauls out the GOP socialized medicine card

Tired old Republican right-wing canard alert.

While figuratively standing in a doctor's office doorway, WI State Assembly GOP Assembly Speaker and self-appointed shadow Wisconsin Governor Robin Vos made this argument against a Medicaid expansion favored by The Real Governor Tony Evers:
"Expanding government-run health care is a non-starter," said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos of Rochester. 
That's nothing but pure righty talking point talk right there, conjuring images of cold, impersonal Soviet-style-state-run facilities operated by nameless, faceless bureaucrats. 

Neither Medicaid nor the Wisconsin variant "BadgerCare" are "government-run health care." 

Medicaid and BadgerCare indeed provide taxpayer financing to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other privately-operated facilities for eligible recipients. 

Services are provided at facilities which are government-regulated and assisted, but not "government-run." 

If receiving government funding under government rules makes a facility "government-run," then the Foxconn plant in Vos' district in Mount Pleasant will be a government-run TV screen factory and Vos gets major credit for the government takeover.

And Vos' handout of billions to Foxconn undermined any claim of fiscal conservatism as did his granting a big pay raises to his chief of staff and more hires for GOP colleagues to help bottle up Evers' initiatives with roadblocks and costly lawsuits.

So let's cut to the case: By slamming "government-run health care," Vos
Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg
is just playing that tired old right-wing card Republicans have shown since demonizing government-assisted health care - - Medicare - - as 'socialized medicine' decades ago.

And by the way, here's an op-ed by former Assembly Speaker Tom Loftus, who is still educating and entertaining and showing by contrast how dim is Vos' light.

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