Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Walker reveling in climate science ignorance

For your 'Why Walker will never win another election' file.

If he had read what his DNR tool had deleted, or had a single synapse of curiosity about the world beyond burgers & fries, he'd never have tweeted something so Trumpingly and profoundly ignorant:
5 hours agoMoreWas out this morning at an eye doctor appointment. What I wouldn’t give for some global warming today!
Makes one wonder if this is Walker auditioning shilling for a Trump appointment, as did Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, and various Trump attorneys.

Walker has also been tweeting support for greater border security and against Democratic Congress. Alexandria Octavio-Cortez and her 'socialism' - - tweets sure to please Trump.


Anonymous said...

He is a deeply ignorant and cynical man.

Mortified West Allis Resident said...

Why should Scott Walker care about climate in Wisconsin or any other Wisconsin issue? He's re-locating from Wisconsin for Taiwan shortly.

MadCityVoter said...

Scott Walker doesn't need an eye doctor to tell him that he doesn't see very well. Must be the ideological wool he's pulled over his eyes. Not to mention the partisan cotton in his ears...