Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Evers laid out his plans, and laid out Walker, too

The teacher was in the house!

There will be more discussion, and certainly a lot of detail to come when he presents his first budget, but let me leave you with two impressions.

1. How great is it that there is a serious, smart and sensitive adult who can communicate without leaning on tired talking points and condescending winks?

2.  And I loved this section of the speech taken from the text, which, if you have followed Walker's preferences and priorities and pieties you will acclaim as an absolutely deft and devastating filleting of an opponent without ever mentioning his name. 

But there is more to an economy than counting job creation. And the state of our state is more than just our unemployment rate. 
The opportunity we have to offer is not just the number of jobs we create; it’s counted, too, by the number of workers who will work forty hours each week and still won’t make enough to keep their family out of poverty. 
The strength of our success is not found solely in fiscal surplus; it’s defined, too, by the number of our kids who will go to school hungry tomorrow. 
The metric for our posterity is not just what we keep in the coffers for a rainy day; it’s measured, too, by the quality of the natural resources we’re leaving behind for our kids and their kids after them.

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