Thursday, January 17, 2019

WI GOP legislators already have your ATM card, code

Not content with just adding in-house staffers and sweet insider raises at taxpayer expense, Wisconsin Republican legislators led by GOP Assembly Speaker Robin "Blank-Check" Vos are taking small government hypocrisy to a higher, cash-crazed level:

Another round of secret expropriations of taxpayer dollars to hire private lawyers of their choosing to defend the power-grabbing lame-duck laws they hustled through in the dead of night.
Top lawmakers were asked Wednesday to sign off on hiring lawyers without knowing what it would cost. If approved, two GOP leaders — Assembly Speaker Robin Vos of Rochester and Senate President Roger Roth of Appleton — would be given the power to determine whom to hire and how much to pay them. 

Nice work if you can throw it to allies with other people's money.

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Peter Felknor said...

How's about a class -action suit to make Vos and Fitzy pay with their own money? Since we never asked for a shadow government?