Wednesday, January 23, 2019

At Monday's State of the State address, a defining WI GOP image

I won't ever forget seeing these WI GOP legislators glued to their seats.

While Democrats in the minority stood and applauded, GOP legislators, left in frame, sat as Evers’ pledged to: fund Medicaid expansion; close schools’ racial achievement gaps; boost early childhood education; and commit to 2019 being the year of clean drinking water - - along with other humane initiatives needed now that Walker's eight-year reign of selfish intolerance and ignorance has ended.

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Peter Felknor said...

The checks from their benefactors have dried up, because they let a Democrat win (have they forgotten how to throw an election?). Now they're stuck in Wisconsin all winter, instead of sailing the Caribbean on an ALEC or AFP cruise bragging to billionaires about the "Wisconsin miracle" of union busting, low wages, and voter suppression. Sucks to be them.