Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Neubauer win for WI Supreme Court can boost progressive wave

Let's make sure the great retiring and real Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson is replaced by Chief Appellate Court Judge Lisa Neubauer- - 
Image of Lisa Neubauer
- - and not by a hand-picked Walkerite who was already a designated water-carrier:
[Judge Lisa] Neubauer has won the backing of Democrats and 150 judges and has hired the same team that helped elect liberal Rebecca Dallet to the Supreme Court in 2018... 
[Judge Brian] Hagedorn is a former chief legal adviser to outgoing Gov. Scott Walker and was appointed to the appeals court by Walker in 2015.
Wisconsin Justice Initiative posted extensive biographical information from Hagedorn about his responsibilities on Walker's staff and in connection with national cases backed by Walker and AG Brad Schimel, including:
 ...I serve as essentially the in-house general counsel for the Walker administration. Thus, though I have not been the attorney of record, I have played a significant role in overseeing quite possibly the most significant flurry of legislation-related litigation this state has ever seen. My role included overseeing the hiring and management of outside counsel, reviewing briefs, leading strategic discussions, participating in mock arguments, and sitting at the counsel table in federal and state courts. 
As such, I have been a key player in many cases in state and federal courts, from the trial level to the appellate level, including multiple cases before the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Sample litigation includes nine separate cases challenging Act 10 in Wisconsin and federal courts (we won them all); four different cases challenging the Voter ID law in Wisconsin and federal courts (we won them all); a bankruptcy/Eleventh Amendment case in federal court (pending); a challenge to a law we signed reforming administrative rules (pending); and the recent constitutional challenge to the state's new right to work law (pending). 
In addition, I have played a key role in multistate cases Wisconsin has participated in as a party and as amicus in courts around the country, including many in the United States Supreme Court. I have been the Governor's counselor and the key strategic and legal contact in the Governor's Office for the Attorney General on our participation in these cases.   Sample cases include multistate medicaid fraud, amicus work in U.S. Supreme Court criminal procedure cases, and significant constitutional cases like the challenges to the Affordable Care Act and the President's recent immigration orders.

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