Friday, January 11, 2019

Of swarming flies and spraying manure and litigating CAFOs

The fight against a large concentrated animal feeding operation, (CAFO), in Juneau County now includes a lawsuit by 81 property owners. The suit is an extension of the growing concern across Wisconsin that CAFOs and Big Ag have been allowed to contaminate the air and nearby residential wells.

I've been following these issues for years - - some sample posts are here and here and here, and here including news of an infant's death - - but I thought these few lines from the Journal Sentinel's reporting gives you a flavor of what's happening.
At least two properties became uninhabitable because of manure spraying, swarming flies and the infiltration of ammonia odor into the walls of the homes, according to court documents. The dairy bought the properties, the complaint said. 
Manure runoff in Kewaunee County

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