Sunday, January 6, 2019

Walker's legacy: Twitter pathos

Walker, er, staff had earlier posted more than 20 self-serving "OUR LEGACY" tweets to soothe a shattered ego, distract from his upset loss and shamelessly try and rewrite history.

Must not have worked, because today he posted another 28.

The content is eminently propagandistic, thus forgettable:

A sample - - 
 4 hours ago4 hours agoMoreOUR LEGACY - To help deal with the addiction crisis, we signed 30 bi-partisan bills into law - including a prescription drug monitoring system that helped reduce opioid prescriptions by more than 30% since 2015

- - though opioid emergencies are spiking - - and I won't even contaminate this blog and social media postings with a photo to flesh out the story because the end has been written.

You want legacy, an era summed up? Simple it is kept:
 ...'secret internet use', 'dark money direction,' 'local controls erased,' 'elections...who needs 'em,?' 'climate change denial,' 'last-minute power-grabbing,' 'cozy up to Putin tools,' 'divide-and-conquer,' 'shrug off polluted wells,' 'fire the scientists,' 'savage school funding,' 'cut workers' paychecks,' 'freeze the $7.25 minimum wage,' 'never visit a prison,' 'oppose clean air,' 'fight health-care coverage,' 'enable polluted rivers,' 'dog whistle at Milwaukee,' 'women's healthcare targeted,' and 'earn a living supporting' a child-snatching, woman-grabbing, serial-lying, environment-destroying, race-baiting, self-dealer who, like Walker, lost the popular vote.
Tomorrow is a new day. Here comes the sun.

I can't wait.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

He's really out of work, isn't he?

We need to NAME AND SHAME any right-wing business that would hire this shameless grifter for a conference. Both for the corruption, and for the outright stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Wisconsin! Soon we will have a new governor. Good Luck Governor Evers and Lt Governor Barnes!

Anonymous said...

I can not describe the jubilation right now over the ousting of the most corrupt politician this state has seen. He came in with a bill that chose his sponsors over the right thing and left the same way.
My daughter who completed her degree was immediately hired into a Wis State Park position. He whose name will not be mentioned ruined her occupation so she left Wisconsin, probably forever. She, along with a large number of educated young people were part of the brain drain the "sponsors" wanted. I'm sure many others have similar stories.
The ex caused more damage to this state than we will ever know. He was like a really bad case of shingles.
I used to consider myself a conservative, but I am so disgusted with what the GOP has morphed into because nothing they stand for now was nor is what I believe. Some day I would like to stop at one of the venues which Shingles speaks at so I can personally call him out for the dirt bag he is.
There is one good thing I can say about Shingles, he lost!!!!!