Thursday, January 17, 2019

Debunking Walker about GOP respect for local initiatives

Time passes, and Walker keeps tweet-shaming himself.

Fresh from his failure to tweet-school a smarter freshman US. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez on tax policy - - you can read his poor national reviews here and here, and delivered flat-out brutally, here - - 

- - Walker then turned to another set of claims that were equally ridiculous:
People in Washington like this top down approach that is old and artificial and dated that says the government knows best. We believe that you should build the economy from the ground up. That’s new, fresh & organic.
Like the $4.5 billion he shoveled down from Madison literally on top of Racine County's Village of Mount Pleasant, where working farms and well-tended homesteads were declared blighted and available for government seizure to please the Taiwan-based Foxconn?

Just stop:

And note these two analyses about Walker's lack of respect for local controls, norms and traditions - - analyses published before the lame-duck power grabs Walker helped craft and then signed which stripped away local election management which today a Federal judge sternly restored:

From The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's Matt Rothschild, in April:
Gov. Scott Walker, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos have taken the assault on local democracy to new and dangerous heights. 
They’ve passed more than 160 bills that interfere with local self-government — and this from the political party that championed local control!
From non-partisan Wisconsin Legislative Reference Fiscal data, May, 2016: 
Over the past three legislative sessions, since the GOP gained control of the Legislature, lawmakers have enacted 128 provisions that represent unfunded mandates or restrict the decision-making power of local governments, according to a May 16 memo released by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau at the request of Assistant Assembly Minority Leader Katrina Shankland, D-Stevens Point.
Also: somebody typed "fresh & organic" into Walker's tweet. Given his eight-year war on the Wisconsin environment, the only fresh and organic materials he ever promoted were groundwater-poisoning and drinking water-contaminating yellow and brown Big Ag runoff.

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