Saturday, January 19, 2019

Vos was a two-time Twitter loser Friday

I'm thinking that Twitter isn't exactly a Robin Vos-friendly medium.
Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg 

For one thing, he got slammed Friday by a Federal Judge for blocking One Wisconsin Now from reading his official Twitter feed's postings.

Then there was Friday's news about Foxconn missing its Wisconsin job-creating goal for 2018.

Any effort by Vos to use his official feed at @SpeakerVos to change the narrative by posting tweets praising the company was a dud.

He posted four tweets at virtually the same time about seven hours ago - - with one referencing another - - which have garnered a grand total of four retweets.

Here's a sample:
 7 hours ago
Contracts were awarded to 93 companies in 17 counties throughout Wisconsin.
This is not impressive.

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