Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Looks like we have a laughingstock sighting

Walker retweeted on Saturday an op-ed slam at Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Octavio-Cortez which said media would portray her as "a laughingstock for her frequent misstatements" were she a conservative. 

 Jan 26
 “If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were a conservative.” This column nails the bias of the media.
OK: Below is Walker's PolitiFact record. 

And since the op-ed endorsed in Walker's tweet was written by Marc Thiessen, co-author with Walker on the ex-Governor's bio, "Unintimidated," I'd say we have a laughingstock sighting documented without having to review a gallery of images, earlier posts - - 
Image result for scott walker photo fishing

- - other recent tweets or even say "Molotov."

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