Saturday, January 19, 2019

Walker's WI looking conned & outfoxed; Foxconn has 'adjusted' WI hiring.

Bad enough that Foxconn could not scrape together 260 hires in Wisconsin for all of 2018, as now the company is saying recruitment is dragging, too:
“While Foxconn remains committed to creating 13,000 jobs in Wisconsin, we have adjusted our recruitment and hiring timeline,” the company said in a statement Friday. “We need to have the agility to adapt to a range of factors, including global economic conditions.”
Talk about a Friday news dump! 

Might there might be adjustments to what the final development was to include?
Screenshot of company promotional video about what's coming to Mount Pleasant via Foxconn 
I will add this unsettling but not surprising development about 'adjusted' recruitment and hired for the Wisconsin project to the Foxconn archive I have maintained on this blog since Day 1.

And take a look at this November, 2017 posting, in h=which I raised questions but still under-estimated what Foxconn could produce in its first full year:
Isn't requiring the company by 2018 to create only 260 of those the 13,000 jobs Walker keeps touting - - a mere 2% - - a set-up through easily-met low expectations to make Walker look like the job-creating success of his fantasies?

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Look at todays Sunday Racine Journal Times about the increase of 150 million for production cost. Just keep pouring money into that big black hole. From 700 million up to 900 million. Keep on spending for the supposed 13,000 jobs. Do these so called leaders not look at news and what is happening with FOXCONN around the world??