Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ex-WI DNR official & key state Foxconn contact has joined Foxconn-linked firm

I'm tardy posting this move to the private sector by Matt Moroney from his position as top state liaison to Foxconn, but it's more interesting now that his new employer is announcing a major Foxconn-related development.
Milwaukee developer Wangard Partners Inc. will be the first in the ground in Mount Pleasant to build new apartments to serve an expected influx of new health care and manufacturing workers.
I've mentioned Moroney before, here:
Senior DNR Official Opposed Great Lakes Compact As Approved 
and also here:
As has been par for the course, the state just helped win for the City of Waukesha a jobs-and-growth guaranteeing diversion of water from Lake Michigan.

Let's take a bit of a closer look at how all this works.

SEWRPC had already recommended Lake Michigan water transfers to communities, including Waukesha, before the Great Lakes states accepted the city's diversion application first green-lighted by and then strongly backed across the Great Lakes region by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Matt Moroney, an attorney representing regional builders, was a forceful member on the SEWRPC's water advisory committee. 

That body endorsed Lake Michigan diversions beyond the Great Lakes basin and the SEWRPC commission formally adopted those recommendations.

Moroney became the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources to Secretary Cathy Stepp after Scott Walker won the governorship in November, 2010, later as a special assistant on Walker's staff and until Walker was defeated had been moved to the Department of Administration to coordinate state and Foxconn planning.
Perfectly good Mount Pleasant farmland in the bulldozers' sights, 2017

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

I'm shocked, SHOCKED! Self-dealing from WalkerWorld and GOP donors? That's unpossible!

And they're the only ones benefiting from this Fox-con.