Sunday, January 6, 2019

By this time Monday...

This will be the face
Tony Evers Flag Portrait.jpg
 of Wisconsin government statewide, and on this blog.

I'm also betting that you will not see that face associated with terminology and deeds such as 'secret internet use', 'dark money direction,' 'local controls erased,' 'elections...who needs 'em,?' 'climate change denial,' 'last-minute power-grabbing,' 'cozy up to Putin tools,' 'divide-and-conquer,' 'shrug off polluted wells,' 'fire the scientists,' 'savage school funding,' 'cut workers' paychecks,' 'freeze the $7.25 minimum wage,' 'never visit a prison,' 'oppose clean air,' 'fight health-care coverage,' 'enable polluted rivers,' 'dog whistle at Milwaukee,' 'women's healthcare targeted,' and 'earn a living supporting' a child-snatching, woman-grabbing, serial-lying, environment-destroying, race-baiting, self-dealer who, like Walker, lost the popular vote.

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Peter Felknor said...

I wish Governor Evers and Lieutenant Governor Barnes all the best. They have a hell of a job in front of them cleaning up the cratered ruin the previous administration has made of our once-proud state. I know they read this blog so I want Evers and Barnes to know that I'll always be here to lend a hand in whatever capacity I might be needed. On Wisconsin!