Tuesday, September 18, 2018

WI voters have had it with Governor Dirtypool von Scotthole

Better headline for this story than:
Marquette Poll: Tony Evers leads Scott Walker by 5 points among likely Wisconsin voters
Is this:
Likely voters fed up with gross misspendingsleaze, more sleaze, incompetency and Walker fatigue. Also corruption, more corruptionindifference, immature indifference


Anonymous said...

We were told essentially the same thing -- that Mary Burke was leading in 2014. We were also told that during the recall it was "too close to call" even up to election day when the media proclaimed we would "be up all night" to see who won.

During recall, Walker was proclaimed the winner before the last polling location was closed.

It's your blog, but please reconsider -- this type of post is not helpful just like the endless media declarations that Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in to win Wisconsin and crush Donald Trump in 2016. No one really knows if votes were actually hacked (despite misleading statements in media), but that does not matter.

Defeating Walker will require near-historical turnout levels of demographic groups that, according to exit polls from 2016, did not vote (If votes were actually hacked, of course, adjusted exit polls are garbage).

My point is simple: Taking the margin of error into account, this poll does not demonstrate that voters have "had it" with Walker. It is an indication that if we work hard and get out the vote, we can defeat Scott Walker.

Question: Is the way to increase turnout across traditoinal democratic strongholds exclaiming, just like in 2016, that the Democratic candidate will win?

My answer: Absolutely not! Let's move forward and learn from mistakes in the past -- this will be a dogfight and the outcome will be determined by who gets out and actually votes.

Your posts promoting each poll seem to indicate you do not agree.

Anonymous said...

I agree with animouse, but feel compelled to point out that Hillary Clinton ran a very incompetent campaign and blew off Wisconsin entirely. She could have and should have won this state as well as the other traditional "firewall" states that she took for granted and essentially ignored.

Does anyone else remember Obama's moving Madison rally with Bruce Springsteen on the square. It was moving and effective - Obama knew he could not win without energizing voters in Wisconsin.

Evers is hitting Walker hard today on his failure to provide leadership in the expensive mess we call "corrections." Please mark my word: This election we will see another unverifiable recorded vote and there is no way Evers wins by 5 or more points.

Wisconsin was hacked and no one knows or is willing to talk about what exactly happened (My bet? The latter). We will see very contentious results and Walker & tRump are going to scream like spoiled children if he is declared the loser.

Its going to get ugly, folks, and we know Wisconsin's voting systems can be hacked and it can directly and/or indirectly determine who wins. Anyone that stays home because they think Evers is going to win and that voting is a hassle (and it is in key Democratic wards) is going to re-elect Walker for a 3rd term.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Actually, Walker has never trailed by more than 1 point on any of his 3 races, and has never been this disapproved of at this point.

Yes, there is still a lot of work ahead, but Kleefisch and Walker trying to play the fake-triot card by race-baiting Mandela Barnes has clearly backfired, and is the mark of a GOP crew that is losing, desperate, and out of ideas. Things feel very different rhan 2014, and Walker's flailing is an obvious "tell."

Don't be complacent, but don't be doom and gloom either.

MadCityVoter said...

Better yet, start talking up the down-ticket races everywhere there's a Dem running. Evers-Barnes could win by 25% but it will mean squat if the WI Senate and Assembly are still under Republican control. And don't even get me started on Atty Gen. Schlemiel and the destruction he could continue to do if left in office.

Anonymous said...

Given we know our elections are counted on proprietary software that cannot be verified fully in any meaningful way and given we know there were hacks in 2016 (and no one will actually talk factually about what these breaches resulted in) even if there is a real 5% lead, election hackers only need to flip just over 2.5% to put Walker on top (2.5+ from Evers & 2.5+ to Walker is a net swing of 5+).

Being overly optimistic to the point of ignoring reality and dismissing Donald Trump catapulted him into the White House. To each is or her own, but there were crowds waiting to celebrate the recall. I, for one, hope that people that were sickened by the recorded vote in 2016 do not allow the same thing to happen in Wisconsin in 2018.

While it was once claimed that Clinton would win the Badger State by a landslide in early polls, by November the polls for Hillary/Trump were essentially saying the same thing as thw latest Walker/Evers poll.

Talking about this objective fact is important if we want to send Walker packing. And please don't even get me started on the Russ Feingold polling that also fooled some into believing Ron Johnson would lose.

We need to learn from the past and not attack those that point out verifiable truths that must be addressed to wrestle GOP control on every aspect of Wisconsin and now America.

James Rowen said...

Polling suggests it's in our hands.