Monday, September 17, 2018

Walker damage tracker; the number of days since he...

[Updated from 9/15]
 * First signed orders, issued a proclamation to facilitate filling wetlands, 2,813 days. (January 3, 2011). Signed another in a series of bills to remove state protections from 100,000 wetland acres. 172. (March 28, 2018).

* Had data, links and related scientific climate change findings about the likelihood of increasingly heavy rain events scrubbed off the website of his Department of Natural Resources: 633. (December 22, 2016).

Number of days since "extended dry stretch" reportedly eased most-recent round of flooding in southern Wisconsin. 4.

* Declined to speak out against President Trump's caging of migrant children at the US southern border: 92. (June 19, 2018).

* Was first warned that youth offenders were being assaulted without consequences inside the Lincoln Hills juvenile corrections complex: 2,410. (February 10, 2012)

* Criticized those who supported too-costly widening Wisconsin highways. 13 (September 4, 2018)

* Prior to repeatedly signing state budgets expanding highways through massive borrowing and spending, led the move in SE WI more than 15 years ago to add 19 miles of widened highways lanes in Milwaukee at a cost of $750 million - - a move opposed by regional planners, the City of Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. 5,646. (April 2, 2003 SWERPC advisory committee meeting minutes, pps. 7-11.)

* Ordered WI Attorney General to sue for Obamacare repeal though Obamacare forbids health care cancellation because of pre-existing conditions: 2,813. (Jan 3, 2011). 

Number of days since Walker pledged to guarantee such coverages in Wisconsin2.

* Dubbed himself 'the education governor.90. (June 18, 2018). 

* Was rated Mostly False by PolitiFact after claiming to have invested "more money into education than ever before in the history of Wisconsin": 585. (February 8, 2017).

* Signed a 2011-'13 budget that cut $1.85 billion from education, including $250 million from the UW system: 2,639. (June 26, 2011).

* Signed a 2015-'17 state budget that cut another $250 million from the UW system. 1,191. (July 13, 2015). 

* Appeared in less than nine photos on his Twitter feed wearing a UW-Madison pullover. <1.

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