Thursday, September 13, 2018

Walker's 'pitch' for Kimberly-Clark subsidy has nothing to do with jobs

Let's be clear:

Walker's effort to maneuver a $!00 million taxpayer subsidy to the profitable, hardly-a-fledgling-start up Kimberly-Clark Corp. - - which had already bragged it had used its earlier gob of free money delivered via the Trump-Ryan corporate tax cut to subsidize its downsizing - - has nothing to do with helping workers in Wisconsin.

Walker has already showed by dirty and damaging deeds what he thinks of workers in Wisconsin; they were pawns in his state-sponsored Act 10 war against public sector unions, chess pieces in his continuing divide-and-conquer scheming with big donors against blue-collar workers through 'Right-to-Work' and another pay-reducing law that ended family-supporting 'prevailing wage' rates long paid on public sector road and building projects.

Walker is about as much a pro-worker Governor as he is the Health Insurance Governor, or the Education Governor [Sic], et al.

What Walker is doing by asking for a special vote in the State Senate right now on a timetable dictated by the company is running a scam as transparently disingenuous as is another of his election-season stunts - - pretending to give a fig about guaranteeing health insurance for the chronically ill - - but this time his targets with this sleazy-slick, corporate bank shot are Democrats, including Tony Evers.

Walker knows he doesn't have the votes in his own party's Senate caucus to approve the Kimberly-Clark bailout because there are too many Republican senators there who are fed up with corporate welfare, picking winners and losers with taxpayer funds and having to again help Walker across the November finish line.

So Walker wants Democrats to provide the votes, and wants Evers to take the rhetorical lead, as if Evers has anything to do  with Walker making everyone dance to Kimberly-Clark's tax-and-spend-by-September 30th-or-else deadline.

Democrats who'd supply votes for the K-C bailout would only get Walker's 'praise' on Twitter, much the way he gave credit wrapped in false sincerity to Democrats who voted with him on the Foxconn deal - - Democrats who then took a thankless drubbing from Democrats, and which Walker knew and made sure was coming.

This is all Walker's doing. Let him find the votes in his ruling party's majorities and tell voters already tapped-out-by-Foxconn that they and their Scottholes can't afford another $100 million handout.



Jake formerly of the LP said...

It's the worst kind of cynicism. It also allows Walker to whine that somehow it would be DEMS' fault if K-C isnt bailed out.

Fortunately, Dem Leader Jen Shilling didn't sound like she was taking the bait. And Evers should be publicly and forcefully saying "NO WAY WILL I SUPPORT A BAILOUT OF KIMBERLY-CLARK." These guys have gotten tax break after tax break, both from Madison and in DC, and dont deserve another dime from Wisconsin taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Are we really at the point where a corporation gives our government an ultimatum, demanding a special session for a ransom specified in advance? So much for government for, of, and by the people. Our governor and his government are of, by, and for the corporations. Could it be any more blatant or obvious? Will the people of Wisconsin continue to tolerate being used and extorted?