Saturday, September 22, 2018

WI DNR wants to loosen its rules to speed elk 'management,' er, killing

It was always clear that the Wisconsin DNR was moving towards legalizing an elk hunt.

But why do Wisconsin officials camouflage the sanctioned killing of wildlife - - in this case, elk - - with language like 'management,' as if the agency were working with consultants to rearrange the organizational chart and boost interagency productivity after a seminar in best practices?

The DNR deployed the same kind of rhetorical sanitization with the wolf hunt that ran between 2012 and 2014, and still uses the language of wolf "management," and the "harvest"

And why are the agency's rules covering this elk 'management' so pliable?

We remember when former DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp had bitterly complained about other managers who would "Change the rules to fit the players" in a blog rant that no doubt helped win the her the job Walker handed her.

From the upcoming Natural Resources Board meeting agenda next week, see this item about changing the rules about elk "management" and "metrics" associated with permit issuance, etc.

And how long before hunting lobbies begin saying, 'hey, we need another wolf hunt because they're eating at the elk buffet we brought in.'

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Anonymous said...

Christmas is coming. Elf look like reindeer. Walker can't roll into the holiday season (yes you can find Xmas stuff in stores now) killing elk/reindeer. Walker and his cronies know if is better to manage these critters.

And like everything else Scott Walker oversees and manages, it is a death sentence. Face is, without massive amounts of propaganda across the state, all provided free by the usual shills, Walker would never have risen to successive higher levels of power.

We know why Walker frames it this way - the better question is, "Why does the media report it this way?"