Monday, September 17, 2018

With Walker, always look for the 'tell.' Aha, there it is. Again.

There's always a tell when Walker's getting ready to trick you.

*  Remember when Walker-the-Union buster claimed Act 10 was merely a set of "modest, modest requests?"

*  Remember when the 2010 Walker campaign said opponent Tom Barrett had a radical environmental agenda - - while Walker was getting ready to remake the DNR into a 'chamber of commerce mentality" agency with private-sector ideologues and insiders occupying the two top positions?

* And as we speak, Walker is running as the education [sic] Governor and healthcare [sic] Governor and the Build-Smaller-Cheaper-Highways [sic] Governor - -when in reality he is the Slash-Education-Upend Obamacare-Fund-Every-Road-Builders'-Dream-Project Governor - - all documented here.

So now that the Journal Sentinel's Dan Bice has disclosed the truth about Walker's negative campaign strategies - - also unearthed in this "Mostly False" assessment of Walker's main attack ad - - we remember that spate of tweets by Governor Creepy about the positive campaign he said just last week that he'd be running, and says all together, 'Aha - - the tell!'
  1. So far, we’ve run 26 different positive ads this year, including 17 TV ads. Here are some of them:
  2. We have a record of getting positive things done for the people of Wisconsin, and for the past several months, we’ve laid out all that our bold reforms have accomplished.

      Sep 13
    We are proud of the positive campaign we’re running.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Add "I'll make sure pre-existing conditions are covered if the GOP wrecks the ACA" to "right-to-work is not on my radar" and "abortion should be between a woman and her doctor."