Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Walker plays, WI drivers, dairy farmers pay

Wisconsin's got a disinterested Governor who's doing damage to the state. 

The latest report on Wisconsin's crumbling roads puts the percentage in poor or mediocre shape above 50% and the annual penalty to Wisconsin motorists at close to $1,000. This is not a new story, and it's why the word "Scottholes" is in the political language and roadside scenery.

Yet Walker is busy making heavy use of free state airplanes tied to his re-election itineraries, shoving money into Foxconn subsidies and road expansion while municipalities saddled with his revenue caps face extensive flood-related road repairs which federal aid, if and when it arrives, may partially address - until the next round of downpours made more intense by a warming climate Walker would prefer you know less about wash away the pavement and bridges again.

And while he moves to further ease regulation at the state's largest dairies, the smaller ones are failing at the fastest pace since 2013.

The truth is that Walker politically walked away from his duties here to run for President, leaving the roads to disintegrate - - especially in the cities - - while rural Wisconsin was dying one family farm at a time.

So while everyday Wisconsinites are dealing with the consequences of his punitive corporatist ideology and real-world disinterest, Walker took in the Badgers game Saturday (there were eight Saturday game day photos of Walker in his Bucky Badger pullover on his Twitter feed noted in this blog post- - photos now taken down, apparently), and 10 more starring Walker at the Packers game Sunday.
Having fun with plenty of fans!

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