Wednesday, September 19, 2018

With state $, Lake MI water, Foxconn sending super sprawl to Mt. Pleasant

So long, bucolic Village of Mount Pleasant.

Foxconn - - and here's a full archive about the project - - has some really big plans for you.

The company has released a four-minute promotional video - - YouTube link, here - - which suggests that what's being planned for 3,000 acres rural acres there has literally sprawled from an out-sized factory into a futuristic, state-subsidized, Super-Suburban, diverted Great Lakes water-floated factory town including hotels, houses, medical facilities and additional commercial space - - a sort of Sprawlville meets Tommy Bartlett's Robot World meets Versailles meets DisneyWorld meets One of the West's Biggest-Ever-Spec-Business Parks.

Some images of what's coming to Mt. Pleasant, per the company video which has about 6,500 YouTube views.

You might also be interested in this inside look at a Foxconn factory in China. This video has more than 550,000 views.
Workers' dorms. Eight to a room.


Anonymous said...

I guess we will have to live with $4.5 billion of our tax dollars going into the construction of the Grand Duchy of FoxConn rather than roads and schools for us peasants.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need, another company town owned lock, stock, and barrel an out-of-state and out-of-county multinational corporation. And a self-proclaimed "fiscal conservative" is busting Wisconsin's budgets for generations to do it.

All I have to say is use the Google and find find out what the folks in greater-Chicagoland did to Pullman, Illinois. George Pullman may have defined the company town scam, but at least he didn't expect state taxpayers to fund it.

This is all so outrageous and it shows you what the cumulative effect of many many years of pro-Walker propaganda in the media lead us to.

Fiscal conservative and free market advocate my posterior!!!

Joshua Skolnick said...

In reactionary doublespeak language "free markets" actually mean extreme crony capitalism.

Anonymous said...

"Grand Duchy of FoxConn"- you must have read "The Mouse That Roared."