Thursday, September 27, 2018

Barrett responds to changing climate

Good to see Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett 
Tom Barrett (politician).jpg
better aligning Milwaukee development, planning and spending with climate change that is damaging property and budgets right now.

Madison and Dane County will be spending more money on flooding issues, too.

I've noted before that Milwaukee and other municipalities are going to have to take the lead on these issues statewide because Walker and his DNR are ideologically unwilling to address climate change or maintain the science and expertise needed to confront it.

And I recently wrote, after the summer's historic flooding began to recede:
Local governments (when they can catch their breath). grassroots organizations and other groups need to get coordinated, grab flood control, stormwater mitigation and inter-connected scientific issues and take over the planning and the narratives on climate change which a disinterested Walker and his donor-compliant and equally-compromised legislative allies have abandoned.

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