Thursday, September 6, 2018

Scott Walker's NFL tweet is a dog whistle alarm

There comes a time during Scott Walker's campaigns when he blows the dog whistle as a get-organized, get-out-the-vote alert to the most base of his base voters.

Here's a previous blog post summing up some of his earlier, ham-handed and manipulative handiwork, but what with Colin Kapaernick in the news - - 

refer to caption
Meet Colin Kaepernick, Scott Walker's new 'opponent.' 

- - and Donald Trump needing constant stroking-and flattery-by-imitation, Walker played his card to energize a listless, fatigued campaign:
Gov. Walker calls on NFL players to stand for national anthem, starts political Twitter war
Seriously, who give a flying fig what the Wisconsin Governor has to say about this?

I'll bet what this means, besides Walker being transparently craven and indisputably shallow - - and that he fears people will learn about his administration moving money away from veterans' care, so distraction is needed - - is that his campaign has polling data showing he's being hurt at home with ground-level, real-time, bread-and-butter problems and stumbles of his own creation - - lousy roads, cuts to K-12 and higher education budgets, manure brown, algae-poisoned, or climate-changed, mud-flooded Wisconsin waters, the Foxconn farce, his swampy abuse of state airplanes, and more - - so even though the election is two months out, it's dog whistle time.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

What happened to the "positive vision" Scotty claimed he was going to talk about?

Oh, Evers leadiby by 4 in yet another poll, that's what happened. Gov Dropout is losing, the GOP is losing, and they can't win on their record or their policies.

Truly pathetic, and Mandela Barnes made Scotty and Oconomowoc Barbie look like the weak suburba-trash that they are.

Anonymous said...

How come when Colin K. protested for a cause not against the flag it was wrong, bad, etc. But now when people protest by burning their Nike shoes and other Nike items, it's ok to protest. Double standard?